8 Sewing Tools You Need!

Whether you are a beginner or experienced seamstress, you should definitely take a look at this helpful list of sewing tools.


1. That Purple Thang

You can use this tool for almost every sewing project! It pushes, pokes, pulls, stuffs and will also help you get nice pointy corners on all your sewing projects. It is definitely a go-to tool.

2. Wonder Clips

These little clips are probably one of my favorite sewing tools. Use these Wonder Clips instead of pesky pins. They come in a few different sizes and work extremely well for water resistant projects. These are specifically great for working with bias tape.


3. Fabric Chalk

Trace all your patterns with chalk! No need to worry about staining your fabric, it washes out easily. Fabric chalk comes in a variety of colors so it can be seen on light and dark colored fabrics.


4. Fabric Scissors

Every seamstress will need a good pair of fabric scissors. Do not use your fabric scissors for cutting anything except fabric. Your husband WILL try to use these scissors for opening packages and cutting paper, so I suggest warning him off. If he is like many other husbands out there, I suggest putting a small lock on your expensive scissors.


5. Tomato Pin Cushion

Keep all your pins in one place with this traditional Tomato Pin Cushion. What is that thing that hangs off the tomato? Not many people know that it is a strawberry meant for sharpening your pins. Poke your pins in and out the little strawberry to keep them nice and sharp.


6. Bobbin Organization

Lets face reality, we all have too many bobbins! There are a few variations on this bobbin storage. This one is my favorite because I can access all colors very easily. Get organized with one of these craft bins.


7. Bias Tape Maker

You wont be buying bias tape anymore! Simply cut a strip of fabric and iron it as you feed it through the bias tape maker.  No more mixed matching bias tape, use the same fabric as your project.


8. Pattern Weights

There are many variations of this tool. No matter what style you use, they are very handy. Pattern weights keep your paper patterns from slipping and moving around while you trace them onto your fabric. I have also seen people make their own out of giant washers wrapped in yarn.


Let me know about your favorite sewing tools in the comment section below!


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