JuJuBe Be Light – DIY Mini

What do you with your favorite diaper bag when your baby is no longer in diapers??

Make it MINI!!

**This is not a sponsored post.**


My Sister and I were chatting about how we didn’t need larger diaper bags anymore, but loved all the cute prints we have collected. So I decided to get crafty and turn one of hers into the perfect purse! Keep reading if you would like to learn how to turn your JuJuBe – Be Light (or any similar bag) into a purse.


Things you will need:

  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Seam ripper

Step 1:

Measure how long you would like your new bag to be. Cut straight across. you will be left with the bottom of the bag. For this bag i chose to cut it at 10″.


Step 2:

Seam rip the entire bottom portion you just cut off.


Step 3:

Take the longest piece (what was previously the very bottom of the bag) from each color and cut them down to 13″.


Step 4: 

Seam rip a 2-3″ hole in the top-back portion of your bag.


Step 5:

Unzip your bag and flip in inside out. Pin and sew  the two 13″ rectangles to the bottom of your bag with right sides together. Reinforce the grey ‘strap’ pieces by stitching over the ends a couple times. It will look like this once completed.


Step 6:

Turn your bag right side out by pulling it through the hole you made in Step 4. Top stitch over the hole.

You now have a

‘Mini’ Be Light JuJuBe Bag!

This purse turned out to be the perfect size and can still fit a lot of stuff (My keys, 2 water bottles, a Be Spendy Wallet, a Be Quick and a Medium set piece all by JuJuBe).

Now that my Sister has a ‘Mini” Be Light, I think I need to make another for myself!



One thought on “JuJuBe Be Light – DIY Mini

  1. Thanks for this tutorial!! I was just sitting, looking at one of my be lights and wondering how I could mini it!

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