Pattern Storage and Organization

Does your sewing / craft room look like a paper recycling plant? KEEP READING!

No more hanging patterns on clothing hangers. No more rolling your patterns and shoving them in cardboard tubes. No more bags, binders or bins. NO MORE LEAVING THEM AROUND YOUR ROOM! We use 3 simple items to help get your sewing patterns organized. I recommend using the Itoya Art Portfolio (you can buy them at almost any art supply store like ‘Micheals’ or ‘Joanns’.) our FREE Pattern Storage Printables and a recycling bin.


pattern storage 1          You will only need to print one of the “Pattern storage 1” file. If you are anything like me and have

pattern storage 2          way too many patterns in multiple sizes, then print about 15 of  the”pattern storage 2″ file.



Lets start by throwing away any patterns you have stopped using. Whether you or your child has outgrown them, you just didn’t like them or they are missing pieces, TOSS THEM NOW.

If you own a small sewing business you probably have a lot of patterns and you may need 2 – 3 Art Portfolios. You can use different portfolios for sorting patterns by gender, size, tops, bottoms, or how ever you see fit. Simply slip one of the labels from the “Pattern Storage 1” file into the spine of each portfolio.

Fold your PDF sewing patterns where each piece of paper is taped together. Adult patterns can also be folded down to fit into your portfolio. Once your pieces are folded, slip them into the portfolio with “Pattern Storage 2” filled out and placed in front of the pattern. This will save you time when you are looking for a specific pattern and size.


Folding store bought sewing patterns such as ‘Simplicity’ will also work with these portfolios.

Fill up your folders and you can now hide them away in your sewing / crafting space very easily.



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